Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a start-up or membership fee?

No. Unlike some other diaper services, we do not have start-up fees or any other hidden fees. You can try the service, and if it isn’t working out, cancel any time. We try to have the most customer-friendly service possible.

How does the service work?

You will be assigned a weekly pickup & delivery day (i.e. Thursday morning). Your assigned driver will come to your front door or porch to deliver the bag of clean diapers, while picking up the bag of soiled diapers. He will be there every week on the assigned service day.

Where do I put my dirty diapers?

When you receive your clean diapers, they will come in a blue plastic liner (which has your account info on it). We ask that you re-use that blue bag to line your hamper and to toss your soiled diapers in. On the night before your pickup day, pull the blue bag out of the hamper, tie the top, and leave it by your front door or porch. (You can also leave it out the morning of the pickup day, but it should be out before 5am).

Can I toss wipes in with the soiled diapers?

Although we prefer that you don’t, we understand that sometimes, it is very difficult to keep these items separate. It would be okay to toss a few wipes in with the dirty diapers, and we will separate them here at our warehouse.

Will I still be charged the weekly rate even I don’t use the diapers?

Yes, you will still be charged the weekly rate as we are a rental service. To avoid the weekly charge, you must return all diapers to us the previous week.

What if I forget to leave out the dirty diapers?

Call the office ASAP. If the driver is still in the area or will be back near the area, we can go back and pick up the used diapers at no additional charge. If this is not an option, you will be responsible for them.

What is a good way to remember to leave out my dirty diapers each week?

Setting a weekly reminder on your smart phone is an effective way to help remind you to leave out your diaper bag. (if this is not an option, we would be happy to email or call you each week as a reminder).

Can I toss food scraps in with the soiled diapers?

Absolutely not. Food items mixed in with used diapers will create severe mildew on to the cloth, and will damage the diapers.

Will the cloth diapers form mildew if I return them within 7 days of use?

No. The mildew typically begins to form after the 10 day mark after usage. This is why it is critical to return all used diapers within one week of use to avoid any replacement fees.

Can I use the cloth diapers for anything besides diapering or burp clothing?

No. The cloth diapers we supply are made of a gauze cotton and are very delicate and easy to destroy. Therefore, we ask that they be used only for diapering a baby (not for cleaning or arts & crafts).

How much is it to replace a damaged diaper?

They are $2 each. These apply to issues such as severe mildew, paint, grease, oil, or if used for cleaning. (Photos of damaged diapers will be available upon request).

What if I have two babies in diapers, do you allow two separate sizes? And if so, do I need to keep these two sizes separate?

We certainly allow having two different sizes for one account, and you do not need to keep the two sizes separate. Feel free to toss both sizes into the same bag, and we will separate them here.

What if I receive my service as a Gift?

Service will continue after the Gift runs out, or until you contact us to cancel service. After the gift runs out, we will send you an invoice inside your diaper bag every 4 weeks. If you do not want service to continue after the Gift is up, please notify us at the beginning of service.

Do I pay before or after receiving the service?

We require payment before service is rendered. We go by a 4-week billing cycle. If you end service and have credit remaining on your account, we will provide a refund for any credit remaining on the account.

When should I sign up for service?

We recommend that you sign up for service at least two weeks before your due date. That way, we can deliver the first delivery of diapers (and supplies if added) one week before the due date so you will have the diapers when you come home from the hospital. However, we do accommodate for last minute orders as well.

What if the baby comes a week or two after my due date?

Just contact our office and let us know, and we can delay the service until baby arrives.

How do I cancel service?

Contact our office at least two business days before your pickup day. We can, then, arrange for the final pickup and once all the diapers are returned, we can close your account. No questions asked.